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Meat Processing

The Group’s Meat Processing division produces and sells processed meat products, primarily in the European part of Russia.

Cherkizovo is the No. 1 meat processing business in Russia. Our overriding commitment to product quality is recognised as much by our consumers — many of our meat brands are among the most admired and best loved — as by our colleagues in the industry. Our products have been consistently recognised with prestigious industry awards at different Russian and international exhibitions.

In 2012, we sold 127,403 tonnes of meat products.

Cherkizovo Group has one of the most complete and comprehensive sets of national and international certification for quality and product safety in the Russian meat industry. This includes quality management certification at our meat processing plants, under ISO 9001–2008. Our chilled meats are also covered by ecological safety certification.

The Russian meat processing industry is highly fragmented and suffers from overproduction at the lower end of the market. Cherkizovo remains committed to developing premium brands which provide the choice and quality that Russian consumers increasingly demand, particularly as the market returns to economic health. We focus on investments in automation and quality that enable us to maintain and build on our position as Russia’s leading and most innovative meat processing business.

Meat processing facilities:



CMPP is the Group’s largest production facility and is located in Moscow. It was constructed in 1974 and, in 1996, it was effectively recreated as a modernised facility when it was fully re-equipped and supplied with a considerably extended range of products.

CMPP acted as a foundation upon which the whole agro-industrial holding Cherkizovo Group could be built. Today, it is one of the largest producers of meat products in Russia and Europe.

The production capacity of CMPP is 121,300 tonnes of meat products per year.

The plant is equipped with most modern equipment, which enables us to produce a full range of meat products and delicacies. It produces over 300 individual products, from both traditional Russian recipes and proprietary recipes. CMPP’s technologists also work on developing new product lines to answer growing consumer demand.

CMPP has the GOST R ISO 9001–2008 quality management certificate.

The quality of CMPP products was extensively showcased at a variety of Russian and international exhibitions and fairs.

Address: 107143, Russian Federation, Moscow, Permskaya str., 5
Tel: + 7(495)-788-32-32



Ulyanovsky meat processing plant was established in the 1960s and, in 2000, was integrated into Cherkizovo Group. Within the framework of the development programme, considerable investments were made in the reconstruction and building of shops, and the purchase of new equipment.

Ulyanovsky is among the largest and most successful plants in the Ulyanovsk region — its annual capacityin 2011 equaled 8,600 tonnes.

Ulyanovsky focuses on the production and sale of meat and its various products and by-products, such as sausages. Our product range includes more than 100 high-quality meat and poultry products.

The plant holds the GOST R ISO 9001–2008 quality management certificate.

Moreover, the Ulyanovsky plant is a supplier to McDonald’s, the international fast-food restaurant chain, in Russia.

Address: 115372, Russian Federation, Ulyanovsk, Moscovskoe highway, 12
Tel: +7(8422) 635–542



In 2011 production capacity of Penzensky was 70,500 tonnes of products and it is a leader in the field of meat processing and the production of meat products in the Povolzhsky region.

It is the only plant in the Penza region that has its own modern slaughtering facilities for cattle and pigs. It produces over 150 items of natural semi-finished meat products and by-products from chilled pork and beef.

Another principal area of activity is the production of sausages with a range of over 100 different products. The site’s sausage production capacity is 60 tonnes a day.

The plant has the GOST R ISO 9001–2008 quality management certificate.

Address: 440015, Russian Federation, Penza, Austrina str., 178 «B»
Tel: +7(8412) 677–197



Meat processing plant PKO Otechestvenniy Product Ltd. is located in Kaliningrad region and was acquired by Cherkizovo Group in 2010.

In 2011 we built a state-of-the-art new production line for smoked sausages at the plant. This was launched in June, using equipment manufactured by the world-renowned Italian company, Travaglini.

Now, the renovated plant has a monthly production capacity of 400 tonnes. We sell its products under our famous Cherkizovo and Pyat’ Zvezd brands and we plan to increase capacity to 450–500 tonnes a month during 2012.

As well as increasing the Group’s meat-processing capacity, the Kaliningrad project also provides us with special customs preferences thanks to its location in the free economic zone. This position enables Cherkizovo to take advantage of emerging opportunities for the effective distribution of value-added products in Russia.

Adress: 238400. Russia, Kaliningrad region, Druzhbinskoe highway, 4



Cherkizovo-Kashira was established in 1999. It has the equipment to produce bloated, boiled, and boiled smoked sausage lines with a total capacity of 700 tonnes a month. There is also a shop for summer sausages with a total capacity of 360 tonnes a month.

Production at this site has been suspended since 2009.

Address: 142931, Russian Federation, Moscow region, Kashira district, Topkanovo
Tel:+7(49669) 309–71



The Biruliovsky meat processing plant was established in 1988 and was integrated into Cherkizovo Group in 1995. The main production process was subsequently reconstructed, the range of products increased, production technologies restored and the management structure altered.

Production at this site has been suspended.

Address: 115372, Russian Federation, Moscow, Biruliovskaya str., 38
Tel: + 7(495)-786-20-00

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